Prominentes Model mit Morbus Crohn Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen


Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen
ein Model mit Morbus Crohn, die nach jahrelangem Leiden ein Stoma bekam und damit erfolgreich modelt.



Model Bethany Townsend


Ein Urlaubsfoto machte das Model Bethany Townsend  im Sommer 2014 schlagartig berühmt


Prominenter Fitness-Model Blake Beckford


Fitness-Model Blake Beckford ist nicht nur durchtrainiert und topfit, sondern trägt auch einen Stomabeutel. Aufgrund einer Darmerkrankung ist der Dickdarm des 33-Jährigen komplett entfernt worden. Entgegen aller Warnungen der Ärzte, bleibt der ehemalige Bodybuilder aus England jedoch hartnäckig, trainiert weiter und ist nun Fitness-Model und Personaltrainer.


und hier das weibliche Pendant Zoey Wright – Bodybuilding with IBD


Dwight Eisenhower – Former US President
Fred Astaire – actor/dancer
Suzanne Rosenthal – CCFA Founder
Red Skelton – comedian
Ed Sullivan – TV host
Ann Sothern and Loretta Young – actresses
Barbara Barrie – actress
Napoleon Bonaparte – world leader and military conqueror
Marvin Bush – financial advisor and son of former US president
Al Geiberger – professional golfer – Had to undergone a series of After Colostomy Diets to arrive at one that suited him well.
Tip O’Neil – US Speaker of the House
William Powell – actor
Queen Mother of England (colostomy since 1966) – British Royal




Prominente mit CED

Name Notability
Albert, Prince Consort Husband of Queen Victoria
Alfred the Great King of the Anglo-Saxons
Anastacia American pop singer
Juliet Anderson American pornographic actress
Ken Baumann American actor, writer, publisher
Lili Boulanger French composer
Jeffrey Brown American comic book artist and graphic novelist
Pierre Carette Former leader of the Belgian extreme-left militant group CCC
Ali Carter English snooker player
Claire Chitham New Zealand actress
Chris Conley Lead singer and guitarist of the band Saves The Day
Lew DeWitt American country music singer and composer
Kevin Dineen Former professional ice hockey player
Shannen Doherty American actress
Dynamo English magician
Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th President of the United States
Sam Faiers English television personality
Theoren Fleury Professional ice hockey player
Tommie Frazier Former Nebraska quarterback
David Garrard An American football player
Carrie Grant British celebrity vocal coach
Jim Hickey New Zealand weather broadcaster for TVNZ
Nicky Hopkins English pianist and famed session musician
Jeff Hordley English actor best known for the soap opera Emmerdale
Ellen Idelson TV comedy writer, actress, and producer
Derrick Jensen American author and environmental activist
Dennis Kucinich U.S. Representative
Jon Landau Rock critic
Matt Light American Football player, New England Patriots
Louis XIII King of France
Jeremy Mansfield South African radio host
Mike McCready Lead guitarist of the American rock band Pearl Jam
Thomas Menino Former mayor of Boston, Massachusetts
Felicia Michaels American comedian
Mark Millar Scottish comic book writer, best known for the Marvel Comics series The Ultimates and Civil War
Mary Ann Mobley Miss America in 1959
Rhys Morgan Welsh sceptic
James Morrison English golfer
Gerald Nash Irish politician
Ogden Nash American poet
Dan O’Bannon American screenwriter (Alien, Total Recall)
Beth Orton English singer-songwriter
Daryl Palumbo Lead singer for the bands Glassjaw and Head Automatica
James Powderly American artist and activist
Mark Reale American guitarist for the band Riot
Beth Rickey Political activist
Jerry Sadowitz Scottish comedian
Jim Sheppard Bassist of the American metal band Nevermore
George Steele American professional wrestler
Ken Stott Scottish actor
Joe Thomas Welsh 800m athlete
Mieczysław Weinberg Polish Jewish composer
Yoni Wolf Musician
Yoon Jong-shin Korean singer/songwriter


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